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As we do not offer stand alone account registration, the only way to obtain an account is during Event Registration process. All the details required must be filled up. You will receive a registration email in your inbox.

  1. As we do not offer stand alone Account Registration, you can only have an account when/ during the process of event registration.
  2. Upon registering for an event, you will be asked to complete the registration form which will then create an account for you.
  3. Upon completion of event registration, you will receive an email regarding New Account creation. Login details are included.
  4. Upon successfully register for an event, and right after successfully making the payment, you will be led to the transaction summary.
  5. On that page, go down to the footer and look for My Account link.
  6. You will then be directed to My Account Dashboard.
  7. Scroll around the side links.
  8. Make sure you click on Account Details to change to your preferred password.
  9. Be sure to logout completely from the account page at the end of your usage session.
  10. To login again, click the My Account link and a login in form will be displayed. Enter the email you used during registration and the new password (you’ll receive new password change notification in your email inbox).